The art of seduction understands what a woman truly wants and slowly gives it to her steady in a way that will blow her mind. 

Seduction is an art that everyone who wants to keep their woman wrapped in has to learn. 

Sorting out what matters to her and what kinds of strokes and contacts she can appear very complicated. However, rest assured that you can figure out how to delight a woman. 

How To Sexually Attract A Woman

When trying to attract a woman sexually, you must remember that human nature is dynamic. Therefore, we can’t all like the same thing. A word or action can attract someone sexually and be a total turn-off to another. Here are some tips on how to seduce a woman.


Women don’t just get along with confident men because it attracts them. They get along because your confidence is a factor that will determine if they feel comfortable around you. Looking insecure is a total turn-off to women. 

Be ready to take the risk; taking the lead in a situation can escalate things sexually.

Dress To Kill

Physical appearance can get you more attention than anything. How you look and present yourself increases your sex appeal to a woman. Smelling good compliments your dressing and can boost your chances of sexually attracting a woman. Don’t forget to smell nice as well.

A Good Sense Of Humor

Women find themselves attracted to men that make them laugh. Although it is attractive to men and women, men’s sense of humor is more important. Don’t try too hard on this one; let it come naturally. 

Do Away from Sarcasm

Sarcasm requires a unique form of sense of humor. It is funny but not for everybody. Avoid sarcasm when trying to be attractive to a woman. You don’t know if she will get the funny side of it. Observe her with some witty one-liners till you get to know her level of sarcastic humor. 

Avoid Quick Outcome

Desperation can put pressure on the woman, which can make you lose her. A woman can be more attracted to a man who moves slowly and takes time to build a good connection. 

Maintain Eye Contact

Looking straight into a woman’s eyes while talking is an effective way to attract her to you. While engaging in conversation, show interest and maintain eye contact, then take a break and return to it. 

14 TIPS TO SEXUALLY ATTRACT A WOMAN - how to seduce a woman

Body Language

Words and looks can do the work, but they aren’t enough. Body language speaks louder than voice. Perfect your body language, don’t make it too defensive. Give a flirtatious look occasionally, a seduction smile, and even your joking nudge should have seduction written all over it. 

Define Your Status

Social status is a form of attraction to women. Don’t get it twisted; it is not about big jobs or luxury cars. To a woman, a confident man who works his sweat brings something to the table and has a lot to offer. A woman wants to know how you perceive yourself as a man. 


No woman expects a man to be perfect. You must be ready to accept criticism about yourself. But be reasonable about it, don’t just go on and say everything wrong about yourself. You have to stay true, but don’t put yourself down in the process. 

Be Mysterious

A woman will become interested to know more about you when you intentionally hold back some information when talking about yourself. This is how you remain a mystery and make her question some things about you. 

Compliment Her Thoughts

Having discussed something, I appreciate her thoughts. Tell her you like the way she thinks and address issues. 

A Family-Oriented Man

Not every woman you meet wants to establish a family immediately; some may never want to have any. Most women are drawn to men who can prioritize their families. 


Knowing you are a selfless man is enough to get you a woman. A selfless man offers to help and respect the needs of others before his own. To a woman, it means you’d be able to make sacrifices to make her happy. 

Gift Her Special Things

Get her something beautiful and unique she can brag to her friends about. It’s not necessarily something big. Just make it a special item and surprise her when she least expects it.

Mastering how to seduce a woman is to know some tips and carefully implement them.