Do You Know These 7 Crazy Facts About the Body During Casual Sex?

Everyone loves sex, but not everyone knows or understands exactly what happens to our bodies during sex – Let’s find out

Understanding what goes on inside (and outside) our bodies during sex is important, yet not many people are still in the dark about it.

Today we will go over 7 crazy facts about what happens to the human body during sex and how you can learn all about it in person with Nassau Bahamas Escorts.

7 things that happen to our bodies during casual sex

1 – Relaxation

Casual sex is relaxing. And while sexual stimulation actually revs our body and muscles up (opposite of relaxation), after sex is over, our brains are flooded with oxytocin, making us feel at peace and in a state of deep relaxation.

When sex doesn’t come with having children and getting married, it is (shockingly!) less stressful. Therefore, making sex is only about pleasure and relaxation, instead of work and responsibility.

2 – Cardio

No surprise here, but sex is actually a great workout. Even sex that is less adventurous still elevates our heart rate to about 110 – 130 BBM, which equals as much as a brisk jog or bike ride. So, there’s no doubt that frequent sex is great for our heart health.

3 – Blood flow

Where does the blood flow go? We have a feeling that you already know, but we will tell you anyway. During sex, blood flows to the penis in men and to the vagina in women, as a way to prepare our bodies for intercourse.

This is how men’s penises become erect, and explains why women’s vaginas swell and change color during or just before sex.

4 – Fast breathing

Next time you have sex, even before you start any movements, pay attention to your breathing. You will notice that your breathing has sped up, thanks to your body pumping blood to exciting paces and the excitement of it all making your heart rate increase.

5 – Boost self-esteem

Casual sex especially can do wonders for your self-esteem. And while sex with long term romantic partners is also great, sex with a stranger is actually even more mentally rewarding.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that there are no strings attached afterward, and therefore, people are free to focus on their own mental well-being and not on the needs of a partner, that casual sex is more appreciated than ever before.

6 – Opening of the mind

Having an open mind is linked to lower stress rates and higher self-esteem. Both of which, go hand in hand with casual sex.

Giving yourself the freedom to try something like going on a date with Nassau Bahamas Escorts, which may have been taboo in the past, will give you a new sense of liberation and open-mindedness.

7 – Learning more about your desires

Finally, one of the most beneficial effects that casual sex has on our bodies, is its ability to improve our mental health and sexual wellbeing.

Everyone has fantasies, but unfortunately, many people also suffer from unnecessary guilt. Fantasies are 100% normal, but many people often feel ashamed of their fantasies, and harbor guilt and resentment, which can manifest as stress and anxiety in day-to-day life.

Releasing this tension by allowing yourself to explore your fantasies through casual sex is great for your mental health. Not only will you feel better, but when you explore your fantasies with a stranger, you get closer to knowing exactly what you like and you don’t like, which can help increase your pleasure in the future.

How you can get more comfortable with your own body during sex with the help of Nassau Bahamas Escorts

Casual sex has many effects on the body, many of which are beneficial. But sex with a stranger isn’t always easy for the average person.

You can find beautiful girls on Nassau Bahamas Escorts for ordinary people to have extraordinary casual sex and companionship. They make it easy to safely explore your deepest fantasies, help you relax, and especially help you try new positions. You can contact them and ask questions before booking your appointment.

Did you already know these 7 sex facts? If so, then congrats! But unfortunately, far too few people know these basics, which can hold us back from living our happiest healthiest lives. Sex should be enjoyable, and when done carefully, can have a healthy impact on your body and, lifestyle.

Treating your body and mind to casual sex with Nassau Bahamas Escorts is always a good idea.