What is polyamory, and what are the benefits of being in such a relationship?

The concept of polyamory, as most persons say, is every guy’s dream. Most men will back this up by primarily saying, “What’s the sweetness in tasting one gum when you can taste all the gums?” have you ever thought of being in a polyamory relationship irrespective of your gender? Or have you been thinking of entering one, but you don’t understand what it’s fully about? Here’s your chance of understanding if this type of relationship will work for you.

What is polyamory?

In a nutshell, polyamory means being in a sexual relationship or romantic relationship with multiple partners with their knowledge and consent. So, in this type of relationship, the concept of cheating does not exist. Since they are all aware that the relationship is an open relationship, it gives room for excesses with no form of restriction. So, if you don’t know the meaning of a polyamory relationship before now, you do.

Being in this type of relationship isn’t what all men want alone. Ladies want it as well, and they are free to have such without being called names or the like. The concept of being judgmental does not work in this type of relationship. So, irrespective of whether you are okay with having more than one partner, you shouldn’t be mad at your partner for having more than one partner if you are in a polyamory relationship with them. Hence, before entering into any form of relationship, be sure you’ve had the conversation with your partner, and the relationship is defined. Most times, relationships break because there was no pre-discussion of the relationship. Ensure you always define your relationships and don’t assume your relationship as a “vanilla relationship” unless you and your partner have concluded what type of relationship you are both in.

One of the most important take-home to note about this type of relationship is that if you want it to last and mean a thing, you must first be willing to chat with your partner and be mature about it. The second one is never to take things to heart, don’t talk, react or reply based on emotions. Have your emotions in check because the truth is, emotions seem to get the best of us always. So, ensure you have your emotions in check. If you know, that would be impossible. It would be best if you don’t enter into a polyamory relationship.

Benefits of being in a polyamory relationship

Here are some of the benefits of being in a polyamory relationship

It’s not cheating:

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to polyamory, cheating doesn’t exist. Since all the individuals involved are aware that others are, it makes the relationship more suitable and technically upright. So, you don’t have to worry about your partner seeing you with another escort lady, when you can simply introduce them to your other partners. The concept of cheating is such a huge one, and the reasons why most relationships have this problem are because they haven’t taken time to understand their partner and their relationships. Once you know your partner and the relationship is defined, there would be no issue regarding cheating of any kind. This is the case of polyamory relationships. Once you are aware before you begin, you don’t get caught unawares or taken aback; it becomes the norm because you knew what you signed up for.

The more, the merrier:

This is a popular maxim in the polyamory relationship. It is common for couples to hire escort girls to have a date or even a relationship. The more the partners, the merrier and the bigger the probability that everyone later enjoys the relationship together. Having more than one partner with their full consent is one of the most peaceful forms of relationship. You should note that there’s nothing like gender segregation when it comes to this kind of relationship. If a man can do it, a lady can do it without having to worry about being called names.