About us

We operate in celebration of the beauty of women – of love, of sensuality, of life energy. We also operate from a haven of privacy and discretion for all our clientele. This total confidentiality envelops everyone we meet, indefinitely.

Elite Angels Carib was created to be different. We dreamed of a place where special gentlemen could meet special courtesan women. Where warmth, understanding, and connection are more important than money. Where a gentleman can contact us and be personally welcomed, rather than treated like just another contact. A place of good old-fashioned quality.

If you seek a more personalized introduction to decent, tasteful beautiful ladies as your no-expectation companions, our Agents likes to deliver that happiness. No need for mediocre experiences. You will never feel ashamed being out with one of our gorgeous, intelligent beauties. They don’t meet enough gentlemen to be ‘known’. Our elite angels are not selected from within the adult industry, so you won’t meet the same known ‘available’ women.