Common Slangs and Abbreviations You Need to Know as a New Client When Hiring Paradise Island Escorts

Escorts frequently use slangs and abbreviations that are incomprehensible to the average person. If you are hiring escorts for the first time, you might be lost in conversation regarding the meanings of these slangs and abbreviations.

In order to avoid looking lost or out of place when you hire paradise Island escorts, this article will discuss some of the most common slangs and abbreviations used in the escort’s world. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s something as basic as a BJ or as intricate as BBBJTC! Let’s get started.


GFE is a simple acronym that stands for Girlfriend Experience. The escort in GFE will perform all of the duties that a girlfriend would. She would begin by snuggling, kissing, and displaying affections-level intimacy. She’d then gradually push for more intense play before moving on to outright sex. Paradise Island escorts offer this service but it could be a little more expensive because it includes the actor factor.


PSE stands for Porn Star Experience, just as GFE. And, if you haven’t guessed, the female will pretend to be a porn star in this type of game. This entails a lot of moaning, some fairly explicit expressions, and some pretty horrible stuff. PSE may often contain some fairly exotic lingerie, and once you’re done with your business, there’ll be a section when you’ll cum all over the escort’s face, just like you see in porn movies. You can also enjoy this when you hire Paradise Island escorts.


This is another premium escort service you can enjoy with Paradise Island escorts. The abbreviation BBBJ stands for Bare Back Blow Job. This simply implies that an escort will perform a blowjob on you without the use of a condom. The blowjob won’t be till orgasm, and you’re expected to stop before then. The purpose of BBBJ is to get you in the mood.


In everyday parlance, Russian is referred to as tit wank. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “tit wank,” it refers to a lady massaging her tits over your penis to induce orgasm. This is usually performed by escorts with large breasts.


Ancient Greeks were known for their love of anal sex, which is why anal sex is now commonly referred to as Greek in the escorting industry. If you’re the type of person who isn’t afraid to put something in the other hole, Greek is the way to go. Greek is sometimes referred to as A-levels. There are a lot of different titles for the same thing in the escorting profession, and keeping track of them all is a pain. But it’s an even bigger pain to remember that anal will set you back a lot of money, and not every Paradise Island escort is willing to go Greek.


BBBJTC stands for Bare Back Blow Job to Completion, and it’s a lot nastier. As a result, without a condom, the female will give you a full blowjob. You can put your hand inside the escort’s mouth, but swallowing is uncommon. BBBJTC is pretty expensive, and if you want the escort to swallow, they can do it for an additional fee. However, this is not something that every escort will do.


Let’s take a break from all the nastiness and focus on something a little more forgiving: kissing. Deep French Kissing

(DFK) is a term used in the escorting industry to describe a type of kissing that is not very prevalent. It’s a strange industry where having intercourse without using a condom is OK, yet passionate kissing is portrayed as a strange fetish. As a result, expect to pay more as a result.


This acronym is quite long, and even understanding what it signifies will take some time. Bare Back Blow Job, Cum in Mouth, No Quit, No Spit are the words the letters represent. This simply implies that the escort will let you cum in her mouth without a condom, that she will not pull you out of her mouth, and that she will swallow your cum. Once again, not every escort would be willing to perform something like this. Just make sure you ask ahead of time because Paradise Island escorts will charge you a little more because of the extra luxury.


No, this isn’t about a female that can spin around like a Beyblade or whatever. A spinner is a very little or tiny escort. If you’re into petite escorts, you’ll definitely get your spec with Paradise Island escorts.

The wide array of escorting acronyms is a difficult field to navigate. It doesn’t have to be this difficult, yet it is for some reason. However, this isn’t the main issue. After a few weeks in the industry, you’ll know everything there is to know about these slang words. Even if you don’t understand a term, you can ask any Paradise Island escort to explain to you, and she will do so without complaint.