All The Different Types of Sex Workers in The Bahamas

The Bahamas as grown to be one of the world’s most renowned sex tourism destinations. Over the years, more and more tourists have flooded the Bahamas for sex tourism due to the wide range of sex workers that can be found in the Bahamas. Among the several options a tourist has is the Nassau escorts; they cater for sex tourists from all walks of life.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the different types of sex workers you can find in the Bahamas. Before we proceed, let me remind you that Nassau escorts remains unarguably the best way for sex tourists and even locals to satisfy their sexual desires. Now let’s take a look at the types of sex workers you can find in the Bahamas.

Brothel Workers

Brothels are places where people pay for sex. Saunas and massage parlors may also be included. Prices are fair and brothel workers are subjected to “reasonable exploitation” as a result of their requirement to give brothel owners a percentage of their earnings.


Strip clubs are places where dancers perform in front of a crowd. Strip club employees may also perform sexual services, such as rubbing their genitals against a client’s during a lap dance or having sex in a “VIP room” or another off-site location following the show.

It’s worth mentioning that not all exotic dancers provide sexual services. While strip clubs and massage parlors are generally safer than the streets, their reputation for providing sexual services has made them a regular target of police raids.


These sex workers approach men in a bar or casino and then offer sexual acts in a different place. Men pay the prostitutes to leave a club with them and can spend several days with her depending on their agreement or arrangement. The sex tourist will pay the prostitutes’ costs during this time, which often confers status on the prostitute. The prostitute’s incomes range from poor to moderate, depending on her bargaining prowess and the generosity of the tourist.


Streetwalkers make little money and are vulnerable to exploitation. As expected, they have poorer job satisfaction and earn less money than “interior prostitutes” (bar workers, brothel workers, or call girls). Streetwalkers are perhaps the lowest ranked sex workers in the Bahamas. Many sex tourists do not like to patronize them and would instead go for Nassau escorts. This is understandable because streetwalkers are not as highly rated as their other counterparts on the top rankings of the sex worker’s ladder.

Escort Girls: The Safest Form of Sex Work In The Bahamas

Nassau escort agencies, and independent Nassau escort girls, provide services for a fee in private homes or hotels. Nassau escorts girls could be part-time commercial sex workers who are usually better educated, have mobile phones, and are well groomed than most of the other classes of sex workers. They have more mobility, earn more money, and have some control over their mostly middle- and upper-class clients.

Nassau escort girls in general are reputed to be health-conscious and seek medical help when necessary.

Nassau escorts agencies and independent Nassau escort girls serve the teeming sex tourists flooding the Bahamas to satisfy their sexual desires. The Nassau escorts usually charge the sex tourists for the services rendered through a private introduction service. As the use of the Internet has expanded, several fancy websites have popped up openly selling escort female services.

Independent Nassau escorts charge a fee and remain hidden from view in hotels and private structures such as residences. They’re probably certainly advertising their services online, and since they’re self-employed, they keep all the profits.

Because their employment is more secure, lucrative, and secretive, Nassau escorts are considered the most expensive and safest of the sex worker’s pyramid. In the Bahamas, escort job is also the most common type of sex work. While escorts are typically given liberty, they are not protected by labor laws or the code and may be exploited.

Regardless of whatever your choice it when it comes to choosing your preferred sex worker in the Bahamas, you can rest assured that you’ll definitely have a great time as you seek to satisfy your sexual desires. If you choose to go for Nassau escorts, then you’ll get a premium sex service that gives you all of your money’s worth.